Who'll get stuck with Jen next week?

I'm okay with Corey being the last one sent home on Hell's Kitchen. She was my pick, but like I said earlier, she started falling behind these past few episodes. Any of those top three would have been fine with me, but Jen definitely had to go before this trio! I thought it was humorous when Corey was picking the ice during the "punishment" and said that sometimes she pretends it's Jen. Maybe I need an ice block to get my frustrations out?

But now between Christina & Petrozza... hmm... I think Petrozza will be crowned the winner. He's more calm and focused in the kitchen and doesn't get involved in the kitchen conflict. Only downside is he's not a very tidy guy. That might not sit well with Ramsay. Christina's inexperience will show; yet surprisingly she's won the past three challenges! Good for her though — she even saw this challenge coming when she was eating with her parents. If she had only listened to her mom about the cream!

What I can't wait to see next week is who picks (or gets stuck with) Jen! I'm anticipating the sabotage already (cue in The Beastie Boys... Listen All Y'all It's A Sab-a-taaage) Christina commented that she'd pick Corey to be on her team. Not sure how that will pan out since they're technically "frenemies".

From the sounds of it, the winner will become "Sous-Chef" and not the coveted "Executive Chef" of the new LA restaurant. What an experience still that would be!

Who's your pick?

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