LOL Gophers

Someone should start a new series called LOL Gophers! For my few readers not familiar with LOL Cats, you need to check it out. Our son thinks they're hilarious.

Anyway, why LOL Gophers? I went outside last night after supper and discovered that the damn gophers in our yard are not just nibbling at our garden, but destroying it. So frustrating!! Some plants are totally missing, some are chewed off at the base of the stem, some are just carcasses laying there. Then on to the herb garden... parsley has been tossed everywhere as if it were a huge salad. Little f'ers!!

Beware, little critters...watch your step!


justaddwine said...

Thanks to wildinspire for sending me this clip to go along with my post... http://www.carlspackler.com/sounds/156.mp3

Scott Wild said...

I'm just waiting to see pictures of Weeder walking around the garden with a rubber hose and a bucket hat!