Ding, Dong! Hell's Bitch Jen is gone!

After bringing the team down time after time, and stirring the pot with her "me-attitude" — Jen has finally left Hell's Kitchen! Man that woman can babble on and on...The only way she could have stayed is if they duct-taped her mouth shut. But then, she couldn't eat the left overs from the pregnant ladies plates. That was really gross, but not surprising! My favorite line about her almost has to be when Jean Philippe asks her, "Are you going to be bitchy all day?" Who else thinks Ramsay or the producers kept her on the show just to provide conflict? I would almost bet, too, that she was the one that voted twice when they went back to decide the two that should go home.

I've been routing for Corey all along, but she really didn't do that great last night. She seemed really sluggish and just not with it. The raw fish was gross. I'm sure we was frustrated and the pressure was starting to get to her. Christina came from out of nowhere and won the individual challenge. She was a star last week, too. It was funny watching her have such a blast trying on and winning tons of designer clothes. That really chapped the rest of the team when she came back, but I don't agree with how they were completely ignoring her. That doesn't show teamwork on their part and should be noted for future reference. No matter how jealous or angry they were, she won the challenge fair & square and didn't deserve the lashings from her teammates. But, burning Chef Ramsay two times during dinner service needs to be added to her list of screw-ups.

Ramsey at the end of the episode squeaks out a, "Well done, now f-off!"... Who will the mystery guest be next week? Ooooh...

I would be happy with any of the remaining three winning at the end — Corey, Petrozza, or Christina.

Did you see the Kitchen Nightmares trailer for the new fall season? That was hilarious! I'm looking for the trailer and will post it when it surfaces on the web...

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