Hearing Impaired Blooper

Last night was trying to watch CSI at a low volume to not wake up our son.  I'm not very good at reading lips so I turned on the closed captioning (CC)...

This morning on the CBS News, a story about Google Shareholders turned hilarious when I started reading the CC text spewing out at the bottom of the tv.  Apparently "Google Hair Shoulders" need to beware of declining stock.

Yeah, it's the small things in life. Guess the hearing impaired need a good chuckle every now and then, too!!



Today's totally insignificant post is about a release by Love/Hate from 1990. Had it on tape 'way back when' and decided it was time to get it on cd. Have you ever just craved to listen to something so bad, go on a mission to find it to satisfy your listening pleasure, and find out it's out of print!! Yeah, so I could buy it for an amazing $40 on ebay. Nah!

Now I'm sure there's ways around this, but I simply added the url's into iTunes and made a playlist. Just like having the cd :)


Welcome to my blog

I'm really not a blogger, but usually have a lot on my mind.  As you can tell by my title, I like wine. I hope to someday have a very small, manageable vineyard in my yard. Right now we have several fruit trees... so we're on our way. I really enjoy being outside (especially in the warmer months). Right now it is 9ºF which seems like a heat wave compared to our temps earlier in the week. Yeah, I'm so ready to start my garden again.

Anyway, one of my other interests is art. I'm a graphic designer and usually enjoy what I do. There have been some frustrating occurrences lately. Here's a perfect example... Would I want to buy something that has a chick in a bikini all over the ad? Probably not! I would prefer to see something where a chick is happy doing whatever. I don't care if she's eating toast!! But on a more serious note I really do like what I do, I just need some inspiration right now I guess.

I also like music... playing in iTunes right now — Tool - 10,000 Days.

More next week...