Hell's Kitchen episode looks awesome tonight!

I can't wait for tonight's new episode! Last week we were left hanging knowing Jen will be rejoining the girl's Red Team and Matt will go back to the men's Blue Team. Both of the aforementioned contestants seriously need to go! I actually grew to like Louross and was really surprised he got "de-jacketed" last week. At this point I honestly think Corey will win, although I don't think she can handle a restaurant of her own. Should be interesting to see how the girls handle Jen again... could be a good "Hell's Bitches" episode. I sure hope Jen doesn't win the challenge either and get to go to Vegas to have dinner with last year's winner, Rock. She looked a little too excited in this week's spoiler. Looks like Matt goes crazy too, "Something is really going fruity inside of his brain!"..."Delusional, outta control, freakin bonkers! He's just completely lost it!"

Virtual Gordon

"People are getting f'ing impatient!" "Oh F me senseless." LOL!! Gotta get this when it comes out for wii. Our son would even love it for DS (hopefully they have a PG version). Looks like it's available for PC users now for only $19.99.

Here's the description of the game from the site:

Hell’s Kitchen is a US TV phenomenon as renowned Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through a rigorous culinary bootcamp. Experience the show's pressure-cooker atmosphere as you go through a series of kitchen and dining room challenges. Success depends on how well you can cook and serve meals, so master each time management test to progress. Each meal is scored by Gordon Ramsay- do you have the talent to be a "Five-Star" chef in the hottest kitchen around?

Check out tonight's episode at 8 Central on FOX...

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