This Week's Wine Rack Find

Curvy Wine Rack

Once again, a great find on etsy.com! How cool is this one? Kind of on the spendy side, yet the personality speaks for itself. It even has a drawer to put corkscrews, a wine journal or whatever else you need to stash away!

www.etsy.com by dustfurniture


Wine Glass Find of the Week

Pair Of Celtic Knots And Crowned Heart Cobalt Wine Glasses

I know it's not the right holiday coming up, but being Irish... I love these!!

Beautiful cobalt blue glasses with clear stems, adorned with the Claddagh symbolizing love (heart), friendship (hands) & loyalty (crown). The expression associated with these symbols was "With my hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love." Celtic knots wrap around back of glass.

Share a drink with someone you cherish!

Seller: zephyrsart
$28.00 (set of 2)


What every bacon lover needs

Died laughing when I saw these – and the description...

"Bacon is cool. Band-Aids are cool. Isn't it about time someone mated these two glorious inventions? Well urine luck. I mean you're in luck!"

Lot's of other cool bacon merchandise here.


This Week's Wine Rack Find

Metal Wine Rack Bottle Holder

Let's keep with the fall theme this week. Not sure this one necessarily qualifies, but it reminds me of Autumn and is tastefully done. I normally don't care for metal hanging sculpture-like racks, but this one is an exception!

(sold by SHOPZEUS)


Wine Glass Find of the Week

Autumn Wine Glasses

Fall is my favorite season! The colors are portrayed well in these beautifully, hand-painted wine glasses. Lots of other unique pieces available at Pamela Clark Designs.

Contact for prices or to customize your order
Email: pam32479@aol.com


This Week's Wine Rack Find

Blomus - Cino Wine Bottle Holder

To keep with the tri-pod theme of the week, here is a very affordable bottle holder made of durable stainless steel. Provides an ideal fit for a standard wine bottle.