Kitchen Nightmare's Fall Trailer

The quality is not the best, but as promised I finally tracked down the trailer for the next season of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. NOTE: I don't like the photo still they chose for the video — yuck! Anyway, enjoy it you f'ing donuts...

Coming Thursdays this Fall

Hell's Kitchen is still my preference of the two Ramsay shows, but my favorite KN episode from last September was when he visited Peter's in Babylon, NY. I'm originally from Long Island so it was great to see familiar turf. The family-run Italian restaurant showcased bad food and lot's of family feuding. Peter even punched a bill collector during an extreme fit of rage. Classy! For everyone wondering though, Gordon brings the family closer and the restaurant back up to par in the end. Aww, isn't that nice?

Catch Hell's Kitchen Tonight — Tune in to FOX at 8 Central!

I'm ready for tonight's new episode of Hell's Kitchen. With Jen finally gone, the top 3 contenders battle it out for the new LA restaurant — Corey, Christina & Petrozza each get a chance at running the kitchen. That always makes for a good episode. Lot's of yelling, swearing & tears...

And, who could possibly be the mystery guest?

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