Who else is distracted by the WWDC Keynote?

So is there anyone not listening or watching the coverage?? I'm now listening to live coverage of the Worldwide Developer Conference 2008 Keynote. Tried really hard to follow Leo Laporte's coverage from TWiT Live, but it was so overloaded and jumpy.

One major question I have is the new name of Mac's OS 10.6 — Snow Leopard. Are they serious?!! OS X - Monkey would have been a better choice in my opinion. Anyway, it's a milestone release for Apple since it will leave the PowerPC behind: a 64-bit clean, Intel-only Mac OS. So wow, the death of the PowerPC? My poor G5. Good news for me though I guess; maybe a new computer at work :)

I'm a big Mac fan/user (always been), but this keynote is boring me to bits...Okay, now I'm awake – He just said "pick their apps", but it sure sounded like he said "pick their @ss"!!

Of course, the big topic is — the iPhone! Too bad we can't even get iPhone service here. Sega demonstrated Super Monkey Ball with tilt action which would be pretty fun. Other new features include: contact search with live searching; full iWork document support; complete support for Office documents (Word, Excel, and now PowerPoint); bulk delete & move for messages; the ability to save images you get; a new calculator with scientific mode when you rotate the iPhone; parental controls; tremendous language support.

Finally onto the iPhone 3G... After learning so much with the first iPhone, Apple has created an even thinner model with solid metal buttons, gorgeous display, camera, flush headphone jack, and dramatically improved audio, longer battery life, and simply FASTER. Oh yeah, and GPS built in.

Without being able to see anything, I'm missing why they're listening to "It's a Small World"... Oh, it's available to more countries now (70 total). That was kind of corny! Crap, we can't even get service in ND! Anyway it'll be available July 11th in 22 of those countries. Someday...

It's finally over and now I can get something accomplished.


Anonymous said...

What was the "Oh, one more thing?" thing?

justaddwine said...

LOL! Probably the 3G itself! They spent an awfully long time going over the new iPhone system enhancements.