This Week's Wine Rack Find

After my Hell's Kitchen post today, I'm posting a not-so-serious wine rack.

Take your wine everywhere you go! This "rack" hold over 750ml of your favorite beverage and increases your cup size 2 full cups. Sucking wine out of a tube seems wrong!

Booze Filled Bra: The Wine Rack
$29.95 (only available in size small... mediums expected by June 24, 2008)


Unknown said...

I just wanted to be first to say it - nice rack!

justaddwine said...

I figured this post would open up a can of worms! haha!

dhonig said...

You have to let your date drink the whole thing. Otherwise, he might notice your boobs are getting smaller.

GreezyWeezel said...

So what size do you need dear for next Mothers Day?

justaddwine said...

Cool, I was hoping you'd get me one greezy weezel