Eeny, meeny, miny, moe... Jen or Matt?

Finale (Part 1) Petrozza vs. Christina

I don't know why I expected this week's episode to be a 2-hour finale. Very disappointed it wasn't! Also a correction from my last Hell's Kitchen post... I said they would be crowned Sous-Chef for the new LA restaurant. Not true! I guess I shouldn't read other people's rumors. They will indeed be the Executive Chef and will be overseen by Josh Emett, Chef from The Gordon Ramsay at The London Hotel in NYC.

So the final two contestants start choosing how their restaurant will look as well as the uniforms for their wait staff. What was with Petrozza and the flower fetish? The only reason I think Christina has an edge over P-man is she seems more classy, organized and calm about everything — from her menu to dealing with the disaster she came back to after their meeting in NY. I really liked her brown color scheme though! What was funny is her hatred for stripes, yet was she not wearing a striped shirt?

Petrozza seems likes he's just winging everything. Making the leek paint brushes as a garnish was the icing on the cake. What was he thinking?! Whoopi Goldberg also made a guest appearance... why? That seemed kind of weird to me.

Okay, I think I'm leaning more towards Christina as my pick now, yes?

With Petrozza winning the signature dish challenge in NY, he gets first pick at his chefs and snags Bobby while Christina chooses Corey. Petrozza grabs Ben. Christina grabs Louross. Two people are left: Jen and Matt. It's like elementary school all over!

Who would you pick? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

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