Risotto, Donkeys and F-Bombs, OH MY!

Another one of my favorite shows starts tomorrow night! Cue up the theme music please..."Fiiii-ya... Woo hoo hoo, baby" —


My husband and I love to cook and also enjoy reenacting the show while in the kitchen. Whether it's taking turns as the 'sous chef' or throwing obscenities out at burnt risotto (or Tortino's pizza, which is usually the case on weeknights), we couldn't be without this show! The pugnacious Gordon Ramsay conducts the next 15 chefs towards culinary stardom. This season's winner will earn a senior chef position at Ramsay’s new restaurant located at the London West, Hollywood. OOOH, I can't wait!!

Catch the premiere of Hell's Kitchen Tuesday, April 1 at 9/8c on Fox

Here's a preview of what's in store for Season 4:

Make Scrambled Eggs — The right way!

Gordon's concoctions are quite tasty! Here's his version of a scrambled egg breakfast that we've tried...which is incredibly delicious! I love how he burns the toast though, LOL! Another favorite line – "If you want to be a good boyfriend, give it to her in bed... The breakfast!" Just watch...

One of Many Gordon Ramsay Books

This excellent book tells his life story and how he rose to the top of the culinary world! It undoubtedly gives a whole new perspective on the notorious chef! Find out why he acts the way he does and you might actually find yourself wanting to give him a big hug! Gordon hater or follower, it's worth the read...

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