I'll Start Tomorrow...

Ok, I really love the Biggest Loser! Can't watch an episode without shedding at least a few tears...but, don't ya just want to smack Jillian when she stands there at the weigh-ins with that smirk?!! These people works there arses off, lose an incredible 5 pounds and she hardly gives them praise! Maybe it's tough love? I know she's an awesome trainer and will show people results, but come on... Losing a pound or two in a week is an awesome accomplishment! I guess I'd rather be trained by Bob if I had a choice as I like his techniques better.

I felt really bad though when Bernie got the boot last night. I liked him and hope he comes back to win the whole thing. He's not an "in your face" type of contestant and always seems so surprised at his accomplishments. I think it was great that he gave his "immunity" pass to his partner, Brittany. Not sure she entirely deserved it, but it saved her from elimination for sure.

I really need to get my butt in gear and start working out and watching what I eat again. It's so easy to slip up especially when you have a crappy day or just don't feel good, or think you don't have time. "I'll start tomorrow" is such an easy phrase to let slip out. I enjoy being outside, so walking seems like the course to take right now. I've done Spinning and Body Pump in the past and absolutely love those, too.  If you want a tough workout that's where it's at!!

"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it" — Bill Cosby

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