Curse you Arial...grr...

Gotta make one more post today!

After battling most of my afternoon with exporting a pdf out of Word (not my choice of software for the aforementioned file), I came to find out Helvetica was causing trouble for those, 'eh HEM', PC users. I've always been a Mac Addict and would choose Helvetica over Arial any day because of that dreaded M-word (Microsoft); plus it has stood the test of time. 

Luckily, I was able to switch everything quickly with style sheets after the problem was finally recognized. Doing things a second time always goes faster at least!

Anyway, I came across this fun game for all you font geeks (I'm one, too)...

What's funny is I was going to upload this post in Helvetica, but guess what?! Not a font choice! Son-of-a.

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