Who's Got Talent? Apparently Evil Brit's Do!

So here it is... Last night was the Celebrity Apprentice finale. So far, I have to say this was probably one of the most interesting seasons. The concept was clever; some of the decisions were in my opinion — insane! Raising money for a charity is great, but use some morals in doing so Piers!

Don Jr. starts out in the beginning by saying, "Trace was stoic..." He used one of my favorite words! I first realized the word stoic when Dane Cook used it to describe old time photos as "stoic and creepy" from the Civil War era during his 'War Flute' skit. It makes me laugh for some odd reason! Trace, not creepy at all, endured pain brought on by Piers and never showed his true feelings or complained about it.

Best line of the episode in my opinion was, "The most heterosexual cowboy in the world and the heavyweight champion go to buy nail polish, not for a woman, but for a man!!" LOL! Ivanka even comments in the final boardroom about how embarrassed she would be if she was in their field. I was never a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys, but they were acting like over-payed, needy, and whiny little brats! And, Wheat Grass Juice? What the heck is that?! Trace commented that looking at the rider for the BSB gave him a new appreciation for himself. When the boy-band finally performed, they did well without the earthy tonic anyway.

I loved Trace and everything he was for, but his hair looks kinda goofy without his cowboy hat on! The Donald still has magical hair. Aside from that, it really got me when his family showed up and he said that he had to just shut the world out for a minute because everything else was meaningless. So true! I don't think anyone with a heart could have not felt his emotions at that moment. He represented his charity and family with honor!

Did you catch Carol Alt's boob popping out of her dress? I'm sure most guys did!

Did it seem like Lennox was just his soldier going through the motions? Perhaps.

Was I was surprised that Piers apologized to Stephen for being rude to him? Yes!

Back to the show...

What about Piers' strategy to get the rich people drunk so they'd be more willing to bid higher? Very distasteful...I guess I would have expected that from him, but that was soooo LOW. Trump later comments that smart people would not allow that to happen. The other evil Brit gets a call from him... Simon Cowell flat out tells him that he's doing it for the charity and not his benefit. Ooh, he does have a heart after all.

In the final boardroom Piers thinks Trace made an "Inference that I was belittling your donors." Trace doesn't have the type of monetary connections that Piers has, and it was rightfully so that he would imply that. I liked how Omarosa slithered in and started bashing Piers' dental hygiene. That was hilarious! A satellite appearance from my original pick, Gene Simmons (even speaking a little Japanese), was the icing on the cake. He spoke of Trace's values as "a quality that’s missing in America... and that’s called a tug of the heart." I love that... well said, Gene!

There's no turning back time, and even with a unanimous show of hands from the group in Trace's favor, Donald chose Piers. His charity, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, is well deserving and I'm glad they will also get an additional chunk of cash from the man himself. It's just too bad Trace couldn't have won. His charity, FAAN, is so close to his heart, as it is to 12 million other Americans afflicted with food allergies.

I just took the poll on the official site, and 62% of voters think Donald made the wrong decision. I'm not surprised!

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