Canine Apprentice

Last night's Apprentice was awesome!

After chiseling the field down to the final 2 contestants, Trace (my pick to win) refers to Piers' game as "ruthless & merciless" and that he stabs people in the forehead, not the back. I have to agree and I hope he kicks the Brit's arse. Can't stand Piers!! Thought it was funny, too, when Stephen Baldwin prayed that Piers wouldn't choose him. And he did! LOL.

I also want Trace to win because of his charity, FAAN (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network), and what he's trying to do for his daughter's safety & well-being; as well as build awareness and help find a solution for other children suffering from food allergies. I'd rather have someone with a "heart" win and not someone who's just trying to "out-do" the other guy.

There were many excellent exchanges, but my ultimate favorite quote of the night (and perhaps, the season) was from Trace:

"Piers is a Chihuahua... man... A Chihuahua is one of the tiniest dogs on the planet. They bark loud, they make a lot of noise & they're a pain in the ass... But they're no real threat... That's Piers Morgan."

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