My Idol Pick & Paula's Cracked Fashion-Sense

You rock, David Cook!

So my husband didn't really care for David Cook's performance last night, but I thought it was awesome. In case you missed it, the theme was a song from your birth year. He chose something daring (and that I never would have chosen) — Billie Jean from good 'ol Michael Jackson. I thought it was a very interesting arrangement (originally done by Chris Cornell) and he executed it well. He even got kudos from Simon... who'da thunk? I seriously think he'll win the competition! But if some major let-down occurs, he will be just like Chris Daughtry and still rake in the recognition he deserves.

My second pick, unfortunately didn't do well last night. Carly Smithson's performance was distracting and it seemed like she wasn't prepared. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was not a great song choice for her. Love her accent though, and think she has a great personality!

Did you catch Paula? She couldn't even sit down! And what was with her outfit? LOL!! Mandi if you're reading this... she had very, may I say — "Elegant SLEEVIES"!!! Gotta give her credit for what she wears though. At least she didn't look doped out like usual!

Anway, good luck to David Cook tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Sleevies are a must when you are cold and lacking sleeves!! haha! you are so funny!!!