Wrong way, dumb-@ss!

I have been know on occasion to have a blonde moment, but this takes the prize. Let me humor you...

Desperately in need of caffeine this morning, I decided to take a detour and stop at the friendly "Rolling Cappuccino" here in town. For those of you not familiar with the setup, it's a small little hut with a drive up window on either side of it, so you can place an order from whichever side suits you best.

In my dreamy state, the steering wheel felt as if it were on auto-pilot. I executed my entrance to obtain my "steaming hot nectar of the gods" when suddenly I realized I was going into the EXIT, not the (what seemed hidden at the time) ENTRANCE! Now I'm sure others have done this, but it was particularly embarrassing when you're the dumb-@ss!!

Now I had to get to the other side of the hut and make it look like I knew that I meant to do that!! Not an easy task... After a series of maneuvers I finally pulled up to the window. Luckily the Barista had a sense of humor and whispered to me at the drive-up "It happens a lot".

So, if you were just saying that to make me not feel bad... thanks! I'm sure it doesn't happen that often. Hope I gave the coffee girls a good laugh this morning.

Maybe I should dye my hair lighter next time?? Maybe it's just part of my charm... But, my coffee sure was tasty :)

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