You Coded! Great Grey's episode last night...

Grey's 2nd episode since the strike, "Piece of My Heart" aired last night and was excellent! I liked it even better than last week's new episode. Here's a brief rundown and some of my favorite parts. No holding back in this episode, by the way, as the show starts with many surprises in the first couple of minutes!! Oh yeah, and the return of the "Sparkle Pager", hehe.

Addison temporarily returns to Seattle Grace for a surgery and is shocked by all of the changes (mainly relationship statuses). I actually hope they bring her back to Grey's. Didn't like her much before, but when she left to do Private Practice I noticed how much she really needs to be a part of Grey's. She even hugged Meredith and even points out that she did (without knowing she broke up with Derek). Meanwhile the "Happy Couple's" clinical trial has its first patient. Amazing how a brain tumor can control your emotions. From laughing to screaming, yikes! So will Meredith become the next brain surgeon at SG? Could be an interesting twist to the relationship story line.

Poor Izzy just wants to get back in touch with George and ends up interfering with his popularity along with his party.... I like how she "googled recipes – spent the night with a search engine." Funny stuff! Also liked, "YOU CODED" (followed by hand gesture)! Still like the "Seriously" tagline better I think, but that was great.

Callie & Dr Hahn's "relationship" was funny, yet really awkward to watch. Will be funny to see how that progresses in Dr. Hahn's eyes. I like how Callie decided to leave and get a little "McSteamy action" after the bar.

Rebecca returned with shocking news for Alex. In typical fashion he reminders her that he's not "that guy" and he has a dark past with no family-man intentions. Wonder what's in store for that story line? So when Izzy got Rebecca's results back and it was certain she was not pregnant, does that mean she lost the baby? Or that she's setting Alex up for a relationship? Sidenote, I loved when Izzy went all Ghandi on the HIV patient that's expecting. Interesting stats though comparing the odds of a child being born with HIV vs Down Syndrome (higher probability).

Poor Cristina! You have to feel her frustration of getting repetitively blown off by Erica. I mean she's just plain rude to her and all Cristina is trying to do is get some action in her field of expertise.

The best moment was Addison (The Ex-Wife), Meredith (The Dirty Mistress), Rose (McRebounding Nurse) & Derek were all in the elevator. Then when Mark appears next!! Excellent Grey's elevator scene. Loved it!

Anyway, those were a few of my favorite highlights. I'm not up to writing a novel today...

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