Grey's Episode: 414 — A "wow" episode in my mind

Here are a few thoughts about last night's episode...

I loved how Bailey was asking Mark questions through the door, followed by an obviously naked Callie! And, then she proceeds to ask her the same questions.

Does anyone else think that Meredith's therapist looks kind of like her mom?

Favorite Scene: The part with Yang singing "Like a Virgin" while Lexie looked on. Sandra Oh is actually a pretty good singer! Who knew?

The military scene was a little much for TV in my opinion. I don't necessarily have a problem with the subject matter itself, but I think they took it a little too far for Prime Time TV. Needed a little more advanced warning especially with a younger audience at home watching.

Favorite Quote: "I am the right hand of the man" — George O'Malley

What about George being the Chief's Intern. I liked how he got mad at the end and said it's not a real job. That story line was kind of funny, especially when he evolved into the "Sex Police" and was handing out the date & tell forms to all the staff. It was "so Alex" to forget about his night with Lexie. Jerk! We never did get to hear that he's not going to be a dad. Next week?

It was nice to see a reaction from Cristina when she is forced to fill out the form even though Burke is not there anymore. With him winning the Harper-Avery Award and Cristina spilling out her "unseen hand to his brilliance." Another great quote from her, "Hahn treats me as if I was his hand. And I'm his ghost."

One more reaction... Glad that it appeared as though Adele & the Chief were making amends.

Many surprises in these new episodes! What are your favorite moments?

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