Extraordinary Kisses, Sparkle Pagers & Lots of Concrete

So Callie and Erica are just about out of the closet. Wonder where that story line will lead to? Seems like the writers reached a creative block and couldn't figure out what to do with them, so let's make them gay. Alex Mark is diggin it though!

We also found out more about Meredith's mother and why that made her so dark & twisty. Poor girl! Later on she figured out that since her mom was such a great surgeon she did it to get Richard back. It wasn't necessarily an act to end her life...

Meredith gave Cristina the "Sparkle Pager" just to cheer her up instead of dancing or drinking it out. That's funny! Great moment was when Chief tells Hahn that she needs to teach and let her residents learn (not realizing Cristina was hiding out behind the desk). Turning point was when Cristina was teaching Lexie how to do the stitch on the banana while jammin out on her ipod. Cristina's quote when she hands the Sparkle Pager back was awesome! "I'm drunk on the power of having the sparkle pager"

Let's talk about that poor kid in the concrete and the ignorant girl, Lola! I'm glad they finally kissed at the end, but if that was real life you wouldn't want him to fall in love with her after finding out she wouldn't go hold his hand when they were chipping him out of the concrete (because of peer pressure from those jerky boys).

I don't even want to talk about Rebecca other than that's such a sad story line. Glad Izzie was stubborn and made Alex give in that she needs help. Does she deserve the clinic now that Bailey can't open anymore time up for? Let's hope she can prove herself!!

Who knew Lexie was a thief that has a photographic memory? Do you think that George really failed his test by only 1 point? Didn't seem that way at the end when Chief gives him another shot at taking the test. Hopefully 'ol Georgie pulls through his exam!

The two brain cancer patient was an interesting story line. I felt bad that her parents tried to keep them apart. The sex scene was somewhat unnecessary and could have been left more to our imagination. Awkward...yet they were in love...and it's tv.

How great was the end of the episode? It took a lot for Rose to tell Derek he needed to tell Meredith the news of the successful trial. Yay, the return of MerDer!! The house of candles was cheesy, but really cool at the same time. That must have taken a ton of time to set up (if it were in real life). Good thing they don't live in ND, because the flames would have been extinguished from the damn wind here! Anyway, I hope nothing happens to McDreamy on his way to tell Rose... That's my only fear!

Let's Not Forget The Kisses...
Sloan & Callie, Callie & Hahn, George & Lexie, Mer & Der, Alex & Rebecca, Alex & Izzie, Chief & Adele, the 2 brain cancer patients (gasp), Lola & the concrete boy...Who did I leave out?

Which kiss was the best?

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