@Garyvee on Conan O'Brien

Sniffy sniff... Conan & Gary were hilarious! YeeeeeHawwww!! Found it posted on a blog (plus some of his other appearances) and you need to watch it. Good stuff!

Check out Gary's daily wine blog: Wine Library TV
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A few favorite lines:

"Just say have you ever poured the wine out beforehand?" - referring to decanting

"On the nose, I get a little bit of a sheep butt. Like really fertilizer, stinky, sheep butt." - you gotta smell everything

"You wanna try it? Are you ready to push on the nozzle and make the liquid come out?" - referring to boxed wine

And, something I didn't need to know... Hot dogs & boxed merlot are delicious ;)


Candace Brekke said...

hey. wine and design
check it

justaddwine said...

that is a cool blog! thanks for pointing me that direction... and what could be any cooler? wine + design :)