Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Tuesday night TV is one of my favorites... American Idol & Hell's Kitchen Baby! Cooking is something my husband and I love and David Cook ROCKS!! Plain and simple.

Neil Diamond Night!?!

Neil night! LOL! Not a huge fan of his work, but I guess he's quite a legend. My husband likes his music and threatens to torture me with listening to it. My pick, David Cook, sang "All I Really Need is You" and "Always Be My Baby." Perfect!! I think he was outstanding! I still have this weird feeling it's going to be the other David taking the prize, but you never know. Hopefully it goes like they're predicting — David vs David. Did you notice the AC on his guitar & coat? Is that something to do with his brother?

Brook needs to be the next to go! She should've been given the boot last week after starting her song over. She got the sympathy vote from America. She's becoming my Sanjaya!

Now to Hell's Kitchen

Vanessa decides to leave after her burn injury last week. Poor girl...I actually liked her!

Chef Ramsay picks Jen’s pizza as the contest winner (little bit of Italy, little bit of France pizza). Oh no you di-int!! It actually looked tasty. Matt was furious because he thought his pizza should have made it to the top of the guy's picks! Why is it that he always has that look on his face like he needs to take a crap? Petrozza actually called him a "ding-a-ling."

It's sad to say, but I really don't have a favorite contestant still!! Jen is annoying and always flapping her lips. In fact she even made a comment about Christina talking to hear herself talk and always discussing unnecessary stuff. Um, hello??

Rosann cracks me up because I'm originally from Long Island, NY. Love her accent! Brings me back to my NY days. Did you know she's always "dreamed of flying in a hellacoptah!" She really choked last night though... loved Chef's imitation of her stirring the vegetables! If he was yelling at me like that, I would have thrown the veggies in his face!

Just looking at Louross makes me giggle! Ben was hilarious when he commented on him dealing with the agony of defeat as he "walks around like a whiney little punk-@ss-bitch with his little mohawk." Much friction between Ben & Louross. Ben gets his punishment by having to deliver pizzas in this little roller-skate like vehicle! LOL! Louross reminds me of one of the characters from the movie Hackers. Renoly Santiago – remember him?! 'Phantom Phreak'

Anyway, Christina is plain and simply Barbie, "like OMG!" She was actually up for elimination but escaped the de-robing of her chef jacket.

I'm babbling now like Christina now... Later!

Oh yeah and nobody gets the boot tonight since they completed service last night. Freebie since Vanessa left!

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justaddwine said...

Almost forgot about Paula!! Did you like when she started commenting on the second song that hadn't been sung yet? Return to planet Earth, Paula!! :-P