The Ozzman Cometh!

Last night's survivor was awesome!!! I'm in a pool (for a whole 20 bucks), and my guy is Ozzy! No big prize, just glory, because I know my guy's going to WIN :)

With the field narrowed down to 10 at the start of the show, the teams unite to form "Tribe Dabu".

Remember when Jason found the fake idol that Ozzy made awhile ago? Well he tells Eliza that if he wins individual immunity, he'll give it to her so she can avoid being voted off. So needless to say, he wins and starts talking smack about Ozzy and how he "dominated" the challenge. Whatever!! Jason gives the power of the idol to Eliza and they giggle about how this is going to be the "biggest blindside in history". Funnier yet!!

Best line of the episode is from Ozzy after the fake idol he carved gets tossed in the fire, "Come on! That took hours to make!"

Eliza unwrapping the mystical idol

from it's napkin outer shell!

Ozzy laughing his ass off when he finds out
they were playing his hand-carved specialty!

Announcing that the idol is indeed fake...
Shortly after — Eliza gets the boot!

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