Never Expected This! Gotcha!!

"What?!! I just got Tay Rolled," you say?? Purposely enticing someone to watch this video has been nicknamed "Tay Rolling" (A form of "Rick Rolling" – defined as an internet prank leading to Rick Astley's video of "Never Gonna Give You Up" from 1987).

Want to learn more about Tay? Mahalo presents him as one of their featured videos!! Tay Zonday - Never Gonna Give You Up

More of Tay's nonlinguistic vocal greatness... My personal favorite — Chocolate Rain! I love how he periodically leans over to grab some air! LOL! A note to my bro – this ought to get your week on track! LOL. Sing it loud!

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Just getting to read this now. I had heard of being 'rick rolled' but I never thought of our good friend Tay getting in on the fun too!