Wine Glass Find of the Week

Milano Wine Glasses

Beautifully handpainted, mouth-blown glassware made in Romania. Site features 29 coordinated pitcher, decanter and beverage shape options to build your collection.

Prices range from $29.75-$2911.00 (sold in various case sizes)


Amy said...

Recently all my relatives planned for a get together at my home. I was not able to say No, but I was aware of the fact that I didn't have good glassware. So I immediately started surfing the Internet to order some. I bought Silhouette wine glasses in a hurry from http://www.greatestwineglass.com/ And trust me, the day we experienced wine in those glasses, all my relatives decided to own the glassware at that time only. That's the effect that Silhouette wine glasses had on them.

justaddwine said...

Thanks, Amy. I've seen those online and thought they were interesting, too.