Wine Glass Find of the Week

Pair Of Celtic Knots And Crowned Heart Cobalt Wine Glasses

I know it's not the right holiday coming up, but being Irish... I love these!!

Beautiful cobalt blue glasses with clear stems, adorned with the Claddagh symbolizing love (heart), friendship (hands) & loyalty (crown). The expression associated with these symbols was "With my hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love." Celtic knots wrap around back of glass.

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Seller: zephyrsart
$28.00 (set of 2)


Matt mmWine Horbund said...

These are absolutely great. I love the color as well as the art work. I'm NOT Irish, and I still want a pair. How much fun would these be to toast the new year in with your friends?! Thanks for another great find!

justaddwine said...

I keep thinking Kelly Green would have been a better color, but the blue is is electrifying. I love that shade! New Year's would be a great occasion for them. Great idea!