This Week's Wine Rack Find

Blomus - Cino Wine Bottle Holder

To keep with the tri-pod theme of the week, here is a very affordable bottle holder made of durable stainless steel. Provides an ideal fit for a standard wine bottle.




Matt mmWine Horbund said...

I find it quite interesting. It's a nice way to showcase a wine that you are using as the premier wine of the evening.

For example, I threw a big July 4th party in 2005. We served a few wines, but the main wine of the evening was Kim Crawford's Sauvignon Blanc. We loved it, and this stand would have been a nice way to show our guests what we being poured.

Thanks for taking the time to find this for us!


justaddwine said...

Great idea! The holder is so simple yet classy! I'll have to try the wine you suggested, too. Thanks!