Welcome to my blog

I'm really not a blogger, but usually have a lot on my mind.  As you can tell by my title, I like wine. I hope to someday have a very small, manageable vineyard in my yard. Right now we have several fruit trees... so we're on our way. I really enjoy being outside (especially in the warmer months). Right now it is 9ºF which seems like a heat wave compared to our temps earlier in the week. Yeah, I'm so ready to start my garden again.

Anyway, one of my other interests is art. I'm a graphic designer and usually enjoy what I do. There have been some frustrating occurrences lately. Here's a perfect example... Would I want to buy something that has a chick in a bikini all over the ad? Probably not! I would prefer to see something where a chick is happy doing whatever. I don't care if she's eating toast!! But on a more serious note I really do like what I do, I just need some inspiration right now I guess.

I also like music... playing in iTunes right now — Tool - 10,000 Days.

More next week...

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