Shoe Fetish Wine Charms

A girl can never have too many shoes! Set of 6 cute charms! Comes with a matching velvet pouch to store them in.

Their site has the motherload of wine charms. Check it out! They even a have St. Patrick's Day set!!

Only $13.95


Wine Glass Find of the Week

Busty Irish Lass

My favorite holiday is coming near. Cue up the Dropkick Murphy's! Here's a great find to kick off St. Paddy's day! A great gift for your favorite Irish person or wine lover.

Hey, Mike... did you know I'm going to Ireland? ;)

Seller: CCupslady


This Week's Wine Rack Find

Drunken Bass Wine Bottle Holder

Spring is hopefully around the corner. This one gets me in the camping/fishing mood, although drinking wine while fishing is just plain silly! Guess you never know until you try it, right?



Cute Wine Stopper

Liquid Happiness Wine Stopper

Great hostess gift! This one is my fav, but there's many other sayings...

Alcohol=Fun, I Go Well With Everything, Cheap Wine Expensive Cork, Happy Birthday - May You Age Like Fine Wine... and many more!

Only $6.99

This Week's Wine Rack Find

Don't Break the Bottle — Wine Puzzler

Lock up a bottle of wine and have your guests try to release it.

Cool concept but I'd say, "just gimme the damn wine!" ;)


Check out their site for more wine puzzles other cool kitchen gadgets!!


Wine Glass Find of the Week

Waterford® "By the Sea" Cocktails

I think these were made with me in mind! Brilliant turquoise collection from Waterford®. A little out of my price range, but I could see myself sipping from these :)

$150 (per set) — Martini or Flute Set
FREE Shipping!


This Week's Wine Rack Find

Drink Like a Fish

I stumbled across this today and think the title is just as cool as the actual wine rack! Unfortunately, the link was broken and I cannot track down the details on how to purchase this piece. I had to showcase it though because I thought it was so unique!

The artist's site is definitely worth checking it...
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